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Thread: FA Cup Final-Arsenal v Chelsea-27th May-Kick Off-5.30pm

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    By the way i think this win would edge Wenger closer to leaving than staying ,but i think he wants a good champions league run or a league title to leave them with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    hilarious. wenger must be the biggest troll in world football.

    much deserved win, although a massive slice of luck in getting the first goal to count which certainly affected the rest of the game. even when Spurs celebrate being runners up Arsenal finish up the season with a trophy

    have to say, what a mug Moses is. the FA Cup Final and he chooses to cheat on such an occasion. thankfully the ref didn't make another mistake and rightly sent him off. shameful behaviour.

    thanks to Chelsea for potentially playing a part in Wenger remaining for another two seasons.
    When there is no tomorrow Arsenal seem to step up.
    The better footballing team with no games down the road showed their superiority technically .
    What Chelsea can do with such an outrageous amount of talent throughout their squad over the course of the season ,namely stay consistent , we fluctuate in performance more each season. Due to the low quality of our players .
    But when it is a do or die situation and players are relatively fit we do what we did in this game .
    It's one of the most infuriating aspects of the teams Wenger has put together in recent times .
    The game Mertersacker had was a perfect example of what i am talking about ,he own; t play abetter game than that for the rest of his career ,in fact i predict he will get embarrassed more next season than ever before ,but with no games to follow he put in an absolute heroic display. Even Xhaka was better not great just a lot better than previous games .Ozil brought our active numbers back to 11 men playing the entire 9 minutes and the rest is history . 3 AF cups in 4 season's ,INCREDIBLE!
    haven't got a clue how wneger has been able to pull it off with that team ,but he's done it. HIs football ideology is far for absolute and tis game proved that ,his mental conditioning of players of the duration of a season is another story though.

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