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Thread: End of Season Report- Success or Failure? 2016/17

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    End of Season Report- Success or Failure? 2016/17

    How do you think your team and others did this season?
    Where they a success or failure?

    I'd have to say that West Ham have been a failure this year.
    We have had a rotten first campaign at The London Stadium.
    The situation with Dimitri Payet didn't help the whole team either.

    I also think our coach Slaven Bilic made a number of bad team
    selections and tactical errors but wasn't helped by so many injuries.

    We need to get rid of a lot of dead wood in the summer
    and badly need a decent keeper,right back and a couple of strikers.

    Antonio was our player of the season and I
    thought Lanzini did well also.
    There are too many to name who did badly.

    I think that only Chelsea,Tottenham and maybe Liverpool can say
    they were successful. The rest including Man City,Man Utd,Arsenal
    and others failures.

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    I'm obviously pleased with Tottenham's season, I predicted a Spurs title at the start of the season and I was only one off! Deli Alli, Kane, Eriksen, and the very solid Alderweireld have been excellent, though the one that stands out as a bit of a revelation for me is Winyama. He has become an absolute f*cking rock in midfield, I remember Steely questioning his ability when we signed him, I defended him of course but even I didn't expect him to be as good as he has been. One of the first names on Poch's team sheet these days.
    Son and Dembele of course deserve mention, and Trippier and Davies have done a good job of making me forget about Rose and Walker. Walker, btw, can bugger off to Man City if they are willing to pay silly money, people might say think I'm saying this cos he is going, but I think he has been poor this season. Runs up the wing at a hundred miles an hour, delivers a square pass that goes nowhere, or has a shot on goal that goes into row Z. That's basically been his season.
    Jannsen and Sissoko have, of course, been disappointing. I'd give Jannsen another season to see if he sparks, Sissoko is an expensive mistake, we'll never get the 30M we paid for him back, but let's cut our losses I say.
    I'd be rubbing my hands for next season if we were still at WHL, but I have to confess to being worried about playing at Wembley, I'll be f*cking delighted if we get top four.
    As for other clubs I begrudgingly have to admit Chelsea have been a machine this season, Conte has done a brilliant job. I think Klopp done well to rescue top four from a season that looked like it might be turning to sh*t, and Man City finished the season well. I've found the demise of Arsenal, West Ham, Leicester and Man United (just for you if you're reading this Roonster, I'll be cheering on Ajax tomorrow! ) most enjoyable, long may it continue!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Now that Man Utd have won the Europa League as well
    can we say that they have had a successful season aslso?

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    Man United have had a good season. Mourihno was hired to get us into the Champions League, and he has. Through the back door maybe but he still did it. He gambled on the Premier League and saw the route via Celta Vigo and Ajax as more achievable than the route through Arsenal and Spurs and sacrificed any chance of top 4. 2 trophies won this season - which is more than we have achieved since Sir Alex left . No we can look forward to next season and expect some big names to come though the doors. The Glazer brothers have already shown that they are happy to throw silly money at the problem and Jose has a track record of buying the right players. He needs to sort out the defence before owt else. Ibra, Rooney and probably De Gea will be leaving. Will find De Gea difficult to replace but you cannot blame him for wanting to go to Madrid. We screwed his transfer before but he knuckled down and did his job instead of making a fuss - a great professional attitude. Mkhitaryan and Herrera have done well this season and Zlatan has silenced his critics and bagged 17 goals for us, we are in desperate need of a real goalscorer next season. For next season I will be hoping to see a top 4 finish and a decent showing in the CL. An FA Cup or League Cup would be a nice addition but top 4 is the priority.

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    Don't you think Seamus that Man Utd should
    be challenging for the PL title at least next season?

    Arsenal should as they have no CL football to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams View Post
    Don't you think Seamus that Man Utd should
    be challenging for the PL title at least next season?

    Arsenal should as they have no CL football to play.
    Arsenal do have Europa League though, I think it can be at least as bad as the CL in terms of fatigue and injury potential. A lot of unglamorous games against opposition probably more thrilled to be playing the PL team than the other way round, which often lifts their game. As crazy as it sounds an early exit from the competition would probably benefit Arsenal's league campaign.
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    I imagine that Wenger if he is staying on will just use the kids in
    the Europa League unless the rules say he has to play his first team.?
    Either way its unlikely the Gunners will take the competition seriously

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    Pretty much as I expected. I predicted 6th on here, but we came 5th in the end.

    18 points from Chelsea. Jeez.

    I'm sure Arsene will turn this around though when he signs his 10 million pa contract.

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    Well let me put it this way . I predicted Arsenal to win the league this seasons based solely on the end we had to last year ,Ozil's increased input over the course of a full 90 minutes . Little did i know that we would lose an integral part of our success in Santi Cazorla and Wenger would completely lose the plot in his team selection .
    The Bayern match up has to be one of the worst experiences in my sport watching life and let me tell you that life goes back many decades .
    I don't think i will EVER recover from that primarily because i know if we meet them in any final when there IS no tomorrow or second chance we beat them ,i know that in my heart and have said for years about your Arsenal teams in the past .The FA cup against Chelsea proved that again. But having the mental team lacking the mental focus to get through this stages fall completely on the manager . Him picking the team he did in the first leg i will never understand ,as even i could see that certain player showed me nothing to convince me leading up to theme they were good enough. But together smashed 5-1 last season ,5-1 in the first leg this season and then run out the same team the second leg !!!!!!!!!! was absolutely soul crushing to me ,m mainly because it just looked like Wenger has finally lost it for sure. Even though i never really rated a lot of these players he brought in for the start ,i gave him the benefit of the doubt because I KNEW how tough it was to finish in the top for in the current climate(something the great PEP would later confirm as being like winning a title in itself) and he kept us in there . But once we started getting results i thought we were good for with those players ,then he lost me a great deal . Even writing this my heart dis throbbing thinking about that Bayern match up.
    That being said people are not looking at 3 FA cup titles in 4 years in todays game with awe in which it deserves . It is an absolutely incredible feat almost up there with winning the league title undefeated .I do not think any team will ever do it again in fact achieving a status almost on par to the invincibles.
    In no way or fashion will it ever remove the foul taste the champions league horror left in my mouth ,but you have to give that team some respect for pulling this off.
    Personally going forward with the current squad ,we are up sh!ts creek . even if we keep Sanchez ,which we won't ,it will take having the ramsey performance of two seasons ago ,and the Ozil performance of the second half of his first season with us PLUS Santi healthy all season long. And then we will need at least 2 of the best young defenders around . My thoughts are that Wenger will stick with Holding and After his heroics in the FA cup Mertesacker ,which will be a massive mistake (you can quite me on that next season). I just hope the penny drops on Xhaka for Wenger Early in the next season so we don't have to put up with him slowing down our attack and putting us at risk with his outrageous tackling. We finished 5th and were lucky to be there quite frankly . I am not sure if i want Wenger to go or not at tis point because it will almost mean a total clean out of the current squad ,all i do know is that Steve Bould needs to be sacked because i don't see what the man has done to improve the defending at all . If he's on the bench to mean mug underperforming players on the pitch ,it's not working because that's all the sour faced clown seems to be good at. What Arsenal need to do for sure is change then scouting set up and whatever idiot is running that because he shocking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams View Post
    Don't you think Seamus that Man Utd should
    be challenging for the PL title at least next season?
    The squad needs a complete overhaul. Only De Gea, Herrera, Mikhitaryan, Mata and Ibra really showed any kind of title winning form last season. We need to sort out the defence, get a decent goalscorer and try to hold on to De Gea. I'd settle for top 4.

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