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Thread: End of Season Report- Success or Failure? 2016/17

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    I heard that Madrid have made a massive bid of 60 m for Dea Gea.
    Man Utd managed to persuade him to stay in 2015 but dont think they will this time.
    If he leaves i think Utd will be lucky to finish in top 4 as he is just so crucial for them

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    Yeah: Chelsea had a great season.

    The starting eleven was the same throughout the campaign, with maybe Fabregas interchanging with Matic in central midfield. The (revolutionary) 3-4-3 that Conte employed worked a treat, especially with the possibly odd selection of Victor Moses as right wing-back. He sure proved the faith correct as he really did work that line defensively, and obviously good going forward, as we know. The other side was the more than competent Marcos Alonso, who really did make that spot in the team his own. A great purchase, and I was even impressed with him when he was on loan at Sunderland 2 seasons ago. Great going forward, and can defend solidly.

    The front 3 comprised of Costa and Hazard, with Pedro and Willian fighting for that third slot. Any man who keeps Willian out of the side is a good player to me. Pedro sure showed some class last season. Real class after taking time to adjust.

    I didn't notice Kante too much but will only say that he was great for them. Just like Hazard and Pedro.

    Always good to start well, and now they can add quality to a small squad (without the loans) and kick on. I don't expect that they'll win it next year, no, as teams may start to figure out this very workable formation that he's made a success of.

    I'd like to go and watch them at home next season, as they're my team in PL, though not the same if Costa leaves. He's just provides some amazing forward play, running, the odd bit of technical class, and a funny man when angry. A funny and angry one, but in total control. The wild man tamed.

    Come on you Blues!

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    My son informed me Man u have let Ibra go. I thought he was joking .
    I was actually quite surmised he lasted as long as he did at that club only because of the clash of personalities between him and Mourinho.
    Ibra did a lot better than i expected him to do ,but lets remember he was most potent against lesser teams for what i remember and i could be wrong.
    Even though Man u would have been mid table again without him ,shocking decision to be honest .
    I think Man u need better supply for the mid field that is their weakness for me just two creative mid's would do them a world of good with the current squad.

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