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Thread: WC-Scotland v England-10th June-Kick Off-5pm

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    WC-Scotland v England-10th June-Kick Off-5pm

    Scotland take on old enemy England at Hampden Park.
    Will it be another easy win for the English?

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    I dont think it will be as easy as last time but i think we will win. I think there will be plenty of goals too with dodgy defences and goalkeepers at both ends. im going with 3-2 to England.

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    Harry Kane is set to start against the Scots on Saturday.

    Still don't know yet who England captain will be now that Rooney is no longer involved.

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    Kane captains England, you may say I'm biased but a natural choice for this game. I've heard some ex pros say defenders make better captains because they view more of the play from their vantage point (they can see who's trying and who isn't) and this allows them to get stuck into the passengers. Not sure about that, and besides we don't really have that kind of "blood and thunder" character playing for England these days. Kane will be going balls out to score and thereby make the captain's armband his own, I think there is a good chance he'll do both today.

    Scotland 1 England 2
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    What an end to a game THAT was !!!!!
    Talk about rollercoaster of emotions.
    Joe Hart ......... And you wonder why he was outed at City .Crikey ,twice in a couple of minutes his feet were out of position to save both free kicks .Changing of the guard in order without question for the near future.
    Great impact from Ox different intensity he added to the game at that point great sub by Southgate.
    Two decent free kicks ,but if Hart would have been positioned right in the first place they would have been saved .
    Not a great game by any stretch ,but the overmatched Scots made it difficult for Englands stars and you have to credit them for that .
    Scott Brown has to be one of my most hated players in football today ,a disgusting human being that you can read a mile away.
    If i were a player like Alli i would run at that bitch from the very first whistle. He'd be heading to the showers by the 20th minute ,if players like him actually shower at all.

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    Scotland 2-2 England
    0-1 Oxlade-Chamberlain 70'
    1-1 Griffiths 87'
    2-1 Griffiths 90'
    2-2 Kane 90'

    What a crazy end to this game at Hampden Park!
    It looked like an embarrassing defeat for
    England when Griffiths scored those 2 free kicks
    but then captain Harry Kane spared 3 Lions blushes.

    I thought it was a poor display from Gareth
    Southgate's side and we should be winning against
    Scotland with the players we have in our squad now.

    questions need to be raised again over keeper Joe Hart.
    He had a poor season with Torino and shouldnt be 1st choice.

    You also have to wonder why Jake Livermore was in the team
    as he offered no creativity and Rashford out wide was also crazy.

    A draw was a fair result in the end in what was a poor quality game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    Jake Livermore starting an England game.

    My thoughts exactly ,not sure what Southgate was thinking picking him .To his credit he didn't do too bad.BUt i would like a ,little more creativity to be honest.You got Dier back there already enough cover for the back line against a very ordinary Scotland attack ,so go for the burial!

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    Yeah, a poor game generally speaking, apart from the last six or seven minutes with a bit of enjoyable drama. Personally, I'm not bothered about England dropping points to the Sweaties, experiment now (with players like Jake Livermore for example), try different formations, knock yourself out as we are going to qualify anyway. We were undefeated in qualification for the Euros, so what? We stunk the tournament out, not for the first time, so if Southgate wants to "experiment" in the quest of finding something different, an unexpectedly successful formation or player, good luck to him.
    Back to the game, I have to say I enjoyed seeing England trot off the pitch at FT with Hampden as quiet as a funeral service. Poor old Griffiths, he looked like a man who had lost a tenner and found a penny in the post match interview!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams View Post
    questions need to be raised again over keeper Joe Hart.
    He had a poor season with Torino and shouldnt be 1st choice.
    Ive been saying for years that he shouldn't be the England keeper. His poor positioning has been shown up again and its cost us 2 points. Not so much a big deal this time but in a tournament those kind of mistakes can be catastrophic.

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