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Thread: Women! Eh!?

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    I would definitely say it's still important to be a gentleman whenever you are taking a lady out on a date. Dont get me wrong on this issue.

    The point is more what happens after the relationship is established. In the majority of my examples the women have started off the relationship as normal, but then, once they have a hold, have turned into controlling dictators without question.

    The blokes, my mate's, or from what I understand, have simply fallen in to an unexpected prison where they're told what to do and how to act behave etc.. if they don't, then they get shouted at or warned.

    This is the part I don't understand. I get Steely's example but in lost cases I've seen the women have started off perfectly normal. It's only after they've got together seriously when this overwhelming dictatorship takes over.

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    I'm sure Pokers meant paying for the woman on a first date only Steely not all the time!

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    It's pretty hard to f- mess it up if you go for the same rising sign (or sometimes known as the ascendant) or ideally no more than 2 signs away either side. What also 'helps' is born within 2 months either side of you, and ideally 2 years either side too. If this is not possible, then you can still have good compatibility, but much less chance.

    You find out your rising sign by entering your birth date, place and most importantly - time - into a chart maker, maybe on - if you're not confused by all the options there.

    Wanna message me both yours and the missus' details and I can break it down without any birth data leaked online? You don't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post

    mate, nobody has posted more words about the plight of women around the world on this forum than me. however, for me, it isn't a reasonable explanation for why somebody should carry that attitude.

    There is an argument that women, in general, have never been less happy in the Western world and there is probably a lot of truth in that. the funniest thing is, if we men think we have it tough, the biggest enemy of women is other women.
    I think some attitudes women take today are a direct if not over the top reaction to centuries of inequality.

    I have said it before and i'll say it here again in THIS topic.
    The proliferation of the internet has given a massive steroid boost to every ill that lies within the human psyche .
    It has produced a warped sense of power to the degree that society has not been able to catch up with changing attitudes.
    The internet has produced basically a new gold rush mentality ,extreme frontiersmanship.(sic.)

    It was never like this before ,so why now that coincidentally with the changes in equality laws that women have started being alpha in the household.
    Personally i like strong minded women ,but not to the point of them being disrespectful which is what i think some of crossed the line into.

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    Reading all this really makes me appreciate my wife. Been happily married for 16 years and there a 3 reasons why I know I picked a partner for life. Firstly, She never asks what I spend my money on. Second, she never questions my parenting skills and Thirdly and most importantly she never complains when I put the footy on!.

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    Nice one Seamus.

    It's good to hear a successful story.

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    Haha: Good one my son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post

    anyone else smell "bullsh*t"?

    Big time. The duchess said to me that when the kidnappers found out she is a mother they decided to let her go.

    Like, all of a sudden got morals...

    Nah mate.

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    I believe that the most hardened of gangster can respect the role of a Mother in life. You never know!

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