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Thread: Is Neymar worth world record £196 million?/Mbappe

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    Tax fraud and other things are part of Spanish football but they never breached the FFP. They probably had government funding them in the past but that was way before FFP. Spanish clubs want Man City investigated obviously because it's a thread to them but I think if PSG is being investigated why not Man city? Though there are probably plenty of smaller clubs that also do financial doping but I doubt anything will be done against it. It's a mess that rule.

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    UEFA should be more into this, no matter if the team is french, english or spanish. For football's own sake
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    Trouble brewing.

    Reports say that Neymar has now unfollowed Cavani on instagram after arguments on pitch about who should take penalties and fee kicks

    Anyone knows if this is considered a big insult in South America?

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    NEYMAR wants Cavani sold over the free-kick argument...

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