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Thread: Is Neymar worth world record £196 million?/Mbappe

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    Neymar has completed his world record £200 m move from Barcelona.

    He has signed a 5 year contract and will be paid an outrageous £500 K per week.

    will this madness never end?

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    I'm sure it'll all blow over when Andy Carrol goes for 250 million after this. We'll have a new superstar next.

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    Ridiculous amount. He's one of the best in the world but there's no way this is a fair transfer. Oh well...
    Raúl González Over 400 career goals, 3 UCL, 6 La Liga, Top scorer in history of UCL and Spain's national team for a decade, captain of one of the best generations of players in Real Madrid history.

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    PSG are about to sign Kylian Mbappe for £160 million from Monaco!

    I thought the young French forward was going
    to sign for Real Madrid?

    The French side will have the most expensive ever forward
    line in the world with Mbappe lining up along side Neymar,

    It still don't mean though that they will win the CL next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    so the two clubs involved in what must go down as the most corrupt Champions League tie in history are now doing what will probably go down as one of the most corrupt transfers in history?

    Qatar funded PSG spending £200m up front to Qatar sponsored Barcelona.

    Yeah, all above board that one. utter filth.
    Why would the Qatar people fund Barcelona when they got no ownership of the team. Also 200m for Neymar seems to be the current market price.
    Barcelona made a big deal out of it and spanish fa threatened to sue uefa.

    Having said that I have no doubt that the all parties will try to make this as illegal as possible.

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    I was on PSG/Neymar watch on the weekend.

    He has a burst if pace, a drop of the shoulder, and a few nutmegs in his game.

    His short passing wasn't good, but played a lot of useful through balls, and controlled the ball very well.

    Looks like a game changer despite taking the ball on and having. a fair few attacks/shots himself - rather than passing.

    Quality player!
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    If there was some shady deal between the two clubs Barcelona really made a show out of it I mean. And it seems like a bad deal for them. It's possible of course.

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    Now Barcelona is suing Neymar because of the move What a disaster of a board that is that they have there. I'm worried of the club. But makes it seem less likely there was any deal between the clubs and Qatar I suppose.

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    Barcelona have signed French forward
    Ousmane Dembélé from Dortmund for £135 million.

    PSG could still sign Mbappe from Monaco but only on loan.

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    Spanish LaLiga have some nerve asking for an investigation into PSG and Man City's possible breaching of FFP!
    They did the same for years before us until we caught on. Now they have more competition internationally they can't deal with it.
    I for one am against those clubs in our league ,but for the Spanish league to complain is galling to say the least.

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