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Thread: Is Neymar worth world record £196 million?/Mbappe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    that football club really are a horrible stain on the sport.
    Who PSG or Barca ?
    Both have been incredibly devoid of moral code when it has come to transfers mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by specnur View Post
    Who PSG or Barca ?
    Both have been incredibly devoid of moral code when it has come to transfers mate.
    What have barca done wrong when it comes to transfers? They have never broken ffp rules. They are a proper fans owned club and have a transfer budget. Psg and city on the other hand are spending way above their budget. If your talking about them unsettling the likes of Coutinho well so what Liverpool do the same with Southampton players. Every big club does it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    both the former and current president are facing trial over tax fraud.

    several of their players have been complicit in further tax fraud.

    they regularly receive favourable/highly questionable/downright wrong refereering decisions beyond compare with any other club in Europe.

    they were banned from making any transfers due to paying huge sums of money to lure kids from their homelands

    they were heavily fined for breaking EU State Aid rules

    they are notorious divers with two of the games biggest cheats in their ranks in Suarez and Busquets.
    I was talking purely transfer dealings. As for the the tax fraud thing they are personel matters and I'm sure that goes on throughout other big clubs. I'm sure if the English government spent time cracking down on tax fraud they would find a few high profile chairmen and footballers hiding money. Also as if other big teams don't get favourable referee decisions. Maybe barca have got a few more but that's just lucky for them. And busquets isn't a serial cheater he sometimes over dramatises tackles but he is nearly always fouled. Also there are worse divers than suarez. Ashley young comes to mind. At least suarez gets touched before he goes down which in many cases is called winning a penalty
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely View Post
    well they were banned from making any transfers. how much more unsavoury do you actually want in their transfer dealings?

    are they personal matters though? seems an alarming number of players specifically associated with that club which indicates it is a cancer within the club. that is further evidenced by the clubs own tax and state aid woes.

    is it luck though, really? can a team really be that 'lucky' so consistently year in and year out and in so many major games with so many hugely controversial decisions to say the least?

    saying Busquets isn't a cheat is just laughable mate. the bloke is a disgrace. completely shameless in his behaviour. Ashley Young worse than Suarez? I just don't know where I can go with that mate!
    Ok they had some problems with underage transfers and they were punished but we were really talking about proper transfers that people knew about and how they are playing by ffp rules and tapping rules. There were two players investigated for tax fraud. There is one high profile player at Madrid in the same boat. If the English government decided to cracking down like the Spanish I'm sure you'd find plenty in the premier league. How many times were barca lucky this year with big decisions ? The only one I can think of is the suarez penalty against psg. It was very soft but the psg player put his hand on suarez and he won the penalty. And I can not remember an instance where suarez has gone down without been touched. Yes he goes down softly sometimes but Ashley young dived 3 times for united without even been touched. I'll tell you what I wish Darryl Murphy had flung himself to the ground last night like suarez would to make sure the ref knows it's a penalty. Also maybe you get more of those lucky referee calls when you play the way barca do all the time. Remember barca won the treble in 2015 with no favourible referee decisions so it's not every year

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    Tax fraud and other things are part of Spanish football but they never breached the FFP. They probably had government funding them in the past but that was way before FFP. Spanish clubs want Man City investigated obviously because it's a thread to them but I think if PSG is being investigated why not Man city? Though there are probably plenty of smaller clubs that also do financial doping but I doubt anything will be done against it. It's a mess that rule.

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    UEFA should be more into this, no matter if the team is french, english or spanish. For football's own sake
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    Trouble brewing.

    Reports say that Neymar has now unfollowed Cavani on instagram after arguments on pitch about who should take penalties and fee kicks

    Anyone knows if this is considered a big insult in South America?

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    NEYMAR wants Cavani sold over the free-kick argument...

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