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Thread: Premier League-25th Birthday-Good or Bad for Football?

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    Premier League-25th Birthday-Good or Bad for Football?

    The Premier League is celebrating its 25th Birthday
    Has it been Good or Bad for Football?
    Are you still in love with the beautiful game after all
    these years or has it become out of control due to the
    insane high wages and the growing lack of English players or managers
    in the top flight and increasing number of
    average foreigners blocking the hopes of talented home
    grown youngsters trying to make it into first team of their clubs?

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    I'd be lying if I didn't say I love the PL, warts and all. It is a real shame it has drifted away from its working class roots, there is something a bit odd about largely working class blokes watching 22 millionaires play the game, but it is still hugely entertaining and exciting. The fact is people love it, if they miss the simplicity of paying a few quid for the pleasure of watching a game, without the corporate merchandising, police presence or the traffic etc., there is always the lower leagues where you can go with your family and probably pay less than 50-100 all in. However, attendances speak volumes, people are prepared to pay big bucks for the live spectacle of a PL game, they are prepared to pay quite a lot of cash to watch it on TV. It is great entertainment, and these days it is pretty competitive. Six teams with a realistic chance of winning the title this season? Cant say the same in Italy or Spain. However, I'm an addict, probably not the best person to ask!
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    Well its a mixture of good and bad but Football is no longer a sport, it is a business and big business at that. The PL is the top of the sporting tree in the UK and a huge export in terms of entertainment. People across the world love the PL and its global appeal can only be good for the game. Yes Footballers get paid handsome and in some cases obscene amounts but its a capitalist society and they get paid for the amount of money they can gain for their employer in terms of TV coverage, adverising and merchandise. They contribute a huge amount in tax (unless your Messi or Ronaldo!) and you can choose if you contribute to their wealth. Those at the top end of the scale are Millionaires but they came from working class background and it is an escape for many poor kids.

    The Fans do lose out of course in some ways. I remember the days where I could go and watch County for 10 and stand in the terraces but now the cheapest seats are 26 and terracing is a thing of the past in our new corporate named all seater Stadia.

    All in all great entertainment.

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    Wayne Rooney is the 2nd player to reach 200 PL goals but
    still has a lot to do to reach Alan Shearer who is way ahead with 260.

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