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Thread: Liverpool v Arsenal-27th August-4pm

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    Liverpool v Arsenal-27th August-4pm

    Liverpool won their last game 1-0 at home to Crystal Palace.
    The Reds are still turning down bids from Barcelona for Coutinho.

    Arsenal lost their last game 1-0 away at Stoke despite dominating.
    Its been reported that Sanchez is now fit but will he play at Anfield?

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    This should be a good time for Arsenal to get one over on Liverpool, they are not playing particularly well and the talk about Coutinho is not helping matters lets face it. However, I'd have said something similar last week when they played Stoke, and they have a problem child of their own in Sanchez.
    Gut instinct says home win.

    Liverpool 2 Arsenal 1
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Arsenal will win this game for sure.
    The dilemma facing a fresh arsenal for any top team after a shock loss is daunting psychologically because usually at our best we have a skill level and endurance none can match. I am sure we will see the best arsenal performance that particular team can't forth and i think we just may edge it 1-2 .
    Whoever that won't be because of the efforts of Xhaka ,without question he will be to blame for numerous errors and depending on who Liverpool play in midfield he will be odds on to get red carded . There is no way he keeps up with Mané and if Klopp puts Lalana in there with him Xhaka will be exposed once again. Along with Ozil at present form he is our weakest link and it is only that the players right now are mentally fresh and physically so ,that we hold onto games with 9 men playing their hearts out. but that will not last forever . there will come a point in the season where these two clans will still be selected ,still playing shit and teammates will becomes jaded for carrying their work load. How mentally torturous it must be for a player such Coq who out performs this mug Xhaka in every game only to read some arsenal mug claiming Xhaka is superior player or even worse still being selected ahead of him.
    Anyway Arsenal 1-2 i think or maybe a draw . Personally i hope what is ay goes to plan Xhaka gets exposed, costs us goals yet again like the last game and the penny finally drops for Wenger on this mug ,because he does not deserve to wear the same shirt as some of the class players that have done so before him.

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    Liverpool won both of their Premier League meetings
    with Arsenal last term.
    They haven't won three top-flight matches in a row
    versus the Gunners since
    a four-match streak from 1996 to 1998.

    The Gunners had the worst record in games involving
    the top six last season,
    claiming nine points and losing five of 10 matches.

    If Sanchez is back then I fancy the Gunners to
    earn at least a point in a 1-1 draw at Anfield.

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    Damn cracking game whatever! If I wasn't at Wembley this is the game I'd be watching. Specs makes some fair points, if a little Arsenal biased, but a big game for both clubs for sure. A draw satisfies nobody, only the winner makes a mark in terms of title/top four contention. I'll stick with my original call of a home win.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Specs doesn't make any fair points. He doesn't make any sense at all. He opens his view that "Arsenal will win this for sure" despite, as Hams already said above Arsenal having a abysmal record against the top 6 teams.

    He's also already ignored the fact that Xhaka made two of the 4 goals against Leicester City and, if it wasn't for him Arsenal would have zero points in the first two opening games of the season. That's how much he actually pays attention to the game.

    Liverpool will win this game without question. And it won't be because of Xhaka. It'll be because of the abject defending and disjointed performance under Wenger and his failings to address the issues in any of his teams.

    It's also amazing how Specs over looks the amount of times Chamberlain gives away the ball to the opposition.

    I wonder why that could be........?

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    Lot of goals I expect. Should be a good match but difficult to predict.

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    Arsenal certainly have the advantage going into this as Liverpool have played in Europe midweek. Or maybe it's too early in that advantage

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    Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal

    Reds dominated 1st half,Gunners were terrible.

    could be a big win for Pool today.

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    Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal

    Dominant Display from a rampant Reds who blew Arsenal away today.

    The Gunners were pathetic and usual suspects like Ozil went missing.

    There can be no excuses from Wenger, his side had no heart or desire.

    Brilliant performance from Mo Salah.

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