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Thread: Arsenal v West Brom-25th Sep-8pm

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    Arsenal v West Brom-25th Sep-8pm

    Arsenal drew their last game 0-0 at Chelsea.
    West Brom could only draw 0-0 with West Ham in their last match.
    will it be an easy home win for the Gunners tonight?

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    Arsenal 2-0 West Brom

    LaCazette with both goals for Arsenal.

    If West Brom's Jay Rodriguez had stayed down for a pen
    when fouled in 1st half it could have been a different result for Albion.

    Should Mustafi have also been sent off?

    Gareth Barry now has most apps in PL with 633 overtaking Ryan Giggs record.

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    Jay Rodriguez didn't stay down because he wasn't fouled ,there was minimal contact of that . replayed for the correct angle showed very little contact at all,wnhen initially even i thought it was a stone cold penalty.

    We should, have a penalty for Sanchez being dragged to the floor also.
    And Daniel should she gotten a record for habitual fouling two definite yellow card offenses for sure.

    This game was one i thought might cause us issues if we played with both Ozil and Xhaka ,but Ozil was on the bench until the game was done and dusted and Elneny had a pretty decent game giving us at least 10 and half men on the pitch for this one.

    Good result ,tougher ones ahead.

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