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Thread: Liverpool v Man Utd-14th Oct-12.30pm

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    Liverpool v Man Utd-14th Oct-12.30pm

    Liverpool could only draw their last game 1-1 away
    at Newcastle and made another defensive blunder which
    has resulted in Reds dropping down to 7th place in table.

    Man Utd had an easy 4-0 win against Crystal Palace in their
    last game to continue level on points with City in the league.
    Paul Pogba will now be out injured until at least Christmas.

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    Sadio Mane is out for Liverpool after being injured playing for Senegal.

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    I have to go with the obvious choice here, Manure to win by the odd goal. Liverpool have not looked the part this season, though I suppose they can hold on to their excellent record against the top sides since Klopp took over. However, a shaky defence faced with an organised purposeful attack, I can only see it going one way.
    Liverpool 1 Man Utd 2
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd

    Another disappointing match between these 2 great rivals.

    The Reds dominated but were unable to score.

    Utd came to Anfield not to lose and that it was happened.

    Mo Salah looked dangerous for Liverpool in the first half.

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    Salah has looked dangerous all season.

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    Awful stuff, dire game, Mourinho is clearly going with what has worked for him in the past; cautious defence away from home. Enough to win the league this season? I don't think so. Sometimes you have to recognise change, possibly the hardest thing for any human being to do, whether an influential politician/business person or the lowest manual labourer. Man Utd have enough talent in their ranks to really test a Liverpool team underachieving right now. An opportunity missed.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Man Utd parked a double decker bus at Anfield on Saturday which spoiled this game.
    I agree that the Mancs have enough talent to be able to test the Reds rather than using spoiling tactics only?

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