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Thread: Newcastle Utd for Sale

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    Newcastle Utd for Sale

    Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has put the
    club up for sale and wants a buyer in place by January.
    will there be anybody interested in buying the Toon?
    What will happen to manager Rafael Benitez?

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    they've been up for sale a few times now haven't they? not sure what sort of price he is after but it will be interesting to see who takes him up. you get the feeling it will either be one extreme or the other with that club.

    from a WHU perspective it is potentially yet another team that can and will outspend us while competing for similar level players. not good.

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    With that stadium and them fans, and how Newcastle is a pretty good place with an underground, overground, cheap houses and lots of pubs, it's a great purchase for anyone. Top quality manager already installed.

    Buy it!

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