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Thread: Slaven Bilic Sacked

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    Slaven Bilic Sacked

    So the inevitable has happened, Bilic has gone and Moyes is in. He seemed so down after the Liverpool game I almost felt sorry for him, I think he knew what was coming. He had an excellent first season at West Ham, I think a lot of Spam fans thought he was the start of a new era, however as always happens in football sooner or later it went wrong. They are in relegation trouble now, and I'm not sure Moyes is the man I'd go to as the saviour (he took Sunderland down after all). We shall see, he needs to get the team picking up points straight off, a challenging prospect I'd say.
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    Moyes is a good coach. He knows how to make it hell for Newcastle at home etc.

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    West Ham will end up in Championship with David Moyes in charge.

    This man has been a failure everywhere he has gone and will make us losers also.

    Sad times at the Hammers, the players need to take a lot of blame as well.

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    Its official then that David Moyes is the new West Ham manager.

    I have nothing personal against the man but he is not right for us.

    we have some very hard fixtures in December so expect us to remain in bottom 3.

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    Have to agree with you Hams, a very strange choice, if all they want is someone to keep them up surely even Koeman would have been a better choice. I remember Moyes talking Sunderland down at the start of their relegation season, he totally failed to get the 'new manager effect'. Now he is in charge of a club where he needs to get results very quickly or the fans will be on his back in no time. I just don't see him to be the man who can give West Ham's lazy overpaid bums the kick up the arse they need. Good luck anyway pal, football is so unpredictable, he might rediscover his Everton mojo....
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    So they've eventually done it. got rid of a man who has conducted himself nothing less than impeccably throughout his tenure despite the very best efforts of his players and employers to undermine him time and time again. also while going through the spate of uttery unfathomable refereeing decisions against his team he was nothing but respectful and dignified.

    of course such qualities would be alien to our esteemed owners who care only for their wallets. and yet, the stats show that Bilic has accrued the highest points per game in the top flight of any premier league era west ham united manager. he masterminded our first anfield win since the 60s and led us to our highest premier league points total.

    we then bring in Tony Henry and his scattergun assault on the transfer market. loans, freebies and misfits brought in from all corners of the globe with little idea on how they might fit into the team and rarely filling positions that needed filling. in what world is Snodgrass a suitable replacement for Payet? how many times did Sullivan boast that he was going to bring in a 30m player or a 20 goal a season striker? yet, instead, we spend more money on the interest for the loans Sullivan and Gold so generously provided to smooth over the deal to allow us to leave our home.

    I've said repeatedly that Bilic is not the problem. he's been forced to manage with his hand behind his back. lets look at this season - forced to begin the season with FOUR away games in a row, promised a desperately needed central midfield player and given nothing. given a GK on high wages he simply didn't need. had key players behave atrociously to let him down such as Arnautovic v Southampton and Carroll v Burnley which, without question, cost us valuable points.

    at this point I say thanks to Bilic. thanks for giving me memories I will take to my grave of that final season and, in particular, that Hollywood-esque final game where we defeated Man United. you weren't without your faults but your dignity, class and integrity were lost on the spivs who paid your wages. you deserved better, we (as fans) deserve better.

    and now we're at a point where David Moyes is apparently the answer. that's the sum of our position. we've brought in a man who has failed dismally at his last three jobs. a desperate man. a losing man. his position is such that he will think 'survival' is some sort of achievement. well f*ck him. I'd rather have gone down with Bilic at the helm than stay up with this dour mug managing the club.

    he is the 16th manager of our club. in the 27 years I've been a matchgoing fan I have seen 9 of them. that's how far the culture of the club has been eroded. we've lost our way, we've lost ourselves. the fact these chancers claim to be fans it all the more infuriating.

    I am desperate for the day all three of them in the board go. cancerous, truly cancerous.

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    Great post Steely.

    If any journalists out there read it please print it in your newspapers.

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    Is Moyes the reason the mods have given up on football and there are no match threads anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IamMelGibson View Post
    Is Moyes the reason the mods have given up on football and there are no match threads anymore?
    Sadly the forum has been dead for several months now Mel, shame, but there you go; everything has a shelf life. I dip in every now and then, but it seems I'm talking to myself these days. I will put up match threads next weekend and see if there is any response. If not, it is a case of talking the old dog behind the barn and putting a bullet in its head.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pickleman1967 View Post
    it is a case of talking the old dog behind the barn and putting a bullet in its head.
    You talking about Spec?!

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