It was bound to happen. Sorry for being bitter here. But there are other forums which run very smooth with no drop in members. Its the mentality of some of the members here which pushed the people away from this wonderful platform. One of them is Pickleman who had been disrespectful towards other members. Do you think other silent members are not reading all that? Also banter is good when you do it in person but when you do it on forum it potrays 2 meanings and people tend to take offensive meaning of that and they wont see the funny side of it.

Everyone made fun of an old member who posted that he is retiring from the forum; may be that member saw the furure that this forum eventually be closed. Now do you dare to laugh at him! He must be laughing his ar*e off to see this happeneing!

Some members like Hams and Seamus were really good and very sensible but others are just too arrogant and rude! Forums do run properly as long as other members are respected by the regular posters which didnt happen here and the results are here in front of you.