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Thread: Heroes & Villians 2017

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    Heroes & Villians 2017

    For old times sake....


    Arianna Grande

    Organized a memorial concert after a suicide bomber killed 32 people at one of her concerts

    Sir Mo Farah

    Britians most successful ever long distance runner retired from all competetive track events

    and the honourary R.I.Ps

    Kevin Cadle

    Basketball coach and Sky Sports NFL Presenter

    Sir Bruce Forsyth

    Legendary Entertainer and TV Presenter

    Cheick Tiote

    Former Newcastle player died tradgically at the age of just 30

    Barry Norman

    Film critic and Jouranlist


    England Cricket team

    Losing the Ashes.......embarrassingly

    Theresa May

    Useless caretaker PM. Called an election hoping to increase her slim majority and saw her lead in the poll dwindle away during an awful election campaign where she hid from people and didnt take part in the TV debates. Lost her majority and to form a coalition with a bunch of religious nutters. No she lacks any authority and her successors and waiting for the moment to strike. Also f*cking up Brexit.

    President Trump

    In his first year in power he has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, Loosened gun laws and plans to further relax them even in the face of the largest U.S mass shooting incident ever, Condemned people who protested against Fascism, shared videos from a banned British racist group showing violence by Muslims taken totally out of context and vowed to move the U.S Embassy to Jerusalem thus placing an already fragile middle east peace process in jeapaordy. Not bad for the first year, maybe next year he can start a nuclear war?!

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    Perhaps in the heart of our hearts we are all heroes.

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