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Thread: FA Cup Final-Arsenal v Chelsea-27th May-Kick Off-5.30pm

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    FA Cup Final-Arsenal v Chelsea-27th May-Kick Off-5.30pm

    Arsenal will take on Chelsea in the FA Cup final at Wembley.
    Can The Gunners stop the Blues from doing the double this season?

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    Looks like its going to be a very hot one for the FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday!
    Any predictions for tomorrow?

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    I wonder if Arsenal's name is on the cup already? Not just problems in the back three but now Wenger has taken the surprising step of dropping Cech! Arsenal are available at 4/1 to win, a massive price when you think of their success in the FA cup, but it reflects the points difference between the teams and Arsenal's slightly dodgy defence (Mertesacker is back ffs!). It is human nature to suspect when all the signs point to a comfortable Chelsea win considering the league form and team selections, it will be Arsenal's day.
    So, will I be having a punt on the Arse? Will I f*ck, out of principle if nothing else. I'm pretty ambivalent about the outcome, I just want to see a goal filled game of football. I will find it immensely funny if Arsenal get beaten by 3 or 4, followed by Wenger's announcement that he is staying on. Light the blue touch paper and retreat while the Goonerverse implodes!
    I suppose for Chelsea this game has far less significance, the league title is the sweetest plum, every thing else is a "nice to have". I'll be surprised if they come out with their beach shorts on, Conte doesn't strike me as the sort of manager who would let that happen.
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    13 D. Ospina
    4 P. Mertesacker
    18 Nacho Monreal
    24 Bellerín
    16 R. Holding
    11 M. Özil
    8 A. Ramsey
    29 G. Xhaka
    15 A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
    7 A. Sánchez
    23 D. Welbeck

    13 T. Courtois
    24 G. Cahill
    30 David Luiz
    28 Azpilicueta
    3 Marcos Alonso
    15 V. Moses
    21 N. Matić
    10 E. Hazard
    11 Pedro
    7 N. Kanté
    19 Diego Costa

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    Tremendous game, tremendous win by Arsenal, pretty sure Wenger will be staying on!
    He's magic you kno-oow, Mauricio Poch-ett-ino!

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    Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea
    1-0 Sanchez 4'
    1-1 Diego Costa 76'
    2-1 Ramsey 79'

    Good final today and performance from Arsenal!
    Arsene Wenger is now most successful manager ever in FA Cup.
    I thought Chelsea were a bit disappointing. Sanchez was man of match.

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    One of the best games of the season in England. Arsenal were very good today especially in the first half. I wondered if chelsea were celebrating too much over the last couple of weeks but I don't think it was that. I just don't think they're a great team. Spurs were the better team in the semis and during the season the top teams played better against them most of the time. Mertesacker was very good seen as he hasn't played much all season but I've always thought maybe it's a good thing for defenders to train less or play less as they don't rely on their touch as much. Great examples of this are Paul mcgrath and ledley king

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    Well i have always been the one to say that Arsenal at their best beats anyone ,but that line up?????? With Koscielny out and Merstascker in ? I would have said you are on crack putting money on them to win this one . I have also state that i think all the hoopla over Chelsea this season has been greatly exaggerated ,they have never struck me as a team that ere brilliant ,but just consistent throughout. But i would have had any chelsea line up they have used this season to beat what we put out there today .

    It just really infuriates me that Arsenal can put forth this effort when they want to ,but not the majority of the time. and i mean with Ozil playing out of his skin the entire game ,every player played a role ,well almost every player .
    But the shock for me was Mertesacker ,he will never play a game as good as he played this one. He was absolutely brilliant today ,man of the match without question.That statement could mean chelsea had a load of chances ,but they didn't ,we and them look average . And it was the type of result i expected for our team every game we played them ,Even when people her were talking about how Chelsea improved when they changed their set up at the back.I said it doesn't matter and this game proved that to be correct .Most of Arsenal poor games comes from the mental ability to get involved in the game . What it matter to that individual and this game meant something to them all . It was a title to win and you got the best out of every player.
    If you out an arsenal team in any final 8 times out of 10 i think they win ,no matter who the opponent is ,but it's the focus in between the start and getting there .
    Incredible match hitting the woodwork about 4 times a couple of top notch saves for from the chelsea keeper as well.
    It's great too see everyone picking chelsea to run over Arsenal ,but its was us who ran over them ,and not for the first time this season.
    3 FA cups in four years , you just got to respect that.

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    Arsenal should really have been 2-0 or 3-0 ahead at half time
    but just couldn't kill the game off which allowed Chelsea even with
    10 men to get back into it and it wouldn't have been just had the Blues
    gone on to win it as the Gunners were by far the much better team on the day.

    I thought Ospina made some great saves.Mertesacker, who hadn't played
    for 1 year outstanding,Ozil was brilliant although i wish he could learn how to
    score,the movement of Wellbeck was fantastic and of course the brilliant Sanchez.

    I was pleased to see referee send off Moses for diving,we dont want cheats in our game.

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    For me it is just great again to see all these so called experts get served a massive plate of crow by Wenger .
    Just like the days when they would predict a "soft" Wenger side would get beat by a tough tackling Bolton and in the rain at that.
    I will as much joy as i did that day when Arsenal went a man down very early in the first half be 2-0 goals down and come back to beat the northern side at their ground to boot. This win is up there with that for me ,not because i didn't have my own doubts about a win ,but just because it exposes the actual intelligence of these clowns and not the perceived intelligence handed them due to their lofty position tv or paper. It was also a massive sign of the absolute mental strength on the day of how quickly Arsenal put themselves back in the lead after the Chelsea goal. Reminded me of the Arsenal game in Barcelona when we had the lead and Barca scored and we answered that almost immediately when others would have folded.
    It really does show how exaggerated some of the opinion of certain teams are when this Arsenal team can man handle the champions like they did in this huge game.
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