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Thread: Computers/Technology Assistance Thread.

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    Computers/Technology Assistance Thread.

    Got a problem with your PC, Laptop, or Mac? Software playing up? Porn dialers infected your hard drive?

    Post the problem here with a a short rundown of the situation and someone will hopefully be able to help you sort it out.

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    finally someone had to make this thread because its all over the my day will involve thread

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    I think I'll be asking a question here soon, as I've had a prob when using winamp - only since I downloaded files to help it work better

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    yay ive been waiting for this for a while! I always need help with my laptop

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    Well anything you want to know, ask away.

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    Good free downloads

    Gimp - For more experienced users - this is a free alternative to photoshop. Definately worth a download if you are new to graphics and want to play around with them.

    Gimp Shop - Same as above, but this has been made more user friendly for the less advanced users. If you like the photoshop layout, then you will like this.

    CCleaner - Great File Cleaning program (recommended)

    Mozilla Firefox - Great free Web Browser, an alternative to Internet Explorer

    AVG by Grisoft - AVG is a great free Anti Virus (recommended)

    Avast - Another Free Anti Virus if AVG isnt your thing.

    Ad Aware - Get rid of that Spyware and adware with this free program (recommended)

    Spybot Search & Destroy - Another Spyware removal tool

    Kerio - Free Firewall Software to keep your PC Protected

    Zone Alarm - Another Free Firewall (recommended)

    Mozilla Thunderbird - Free Email Client from Mozilla

    Open Office - Free alternative to MS Office

    Winamp - Multimedia player (recommended)

    Well I put this list together for you guys - feel free to add to it.

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    As you're still here Mr D - how do I put a pic on the site?

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    go to: ,
    then where you see browse click on that,
    then double-click on the picture you wish to upload,
    then go to "host it",
    then a new pafge will open and you copy the link which has "thumbnail for forums 1"
    then paste it to your message back here

    If im not making sense twmcat just say and ill hep you out

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    All i want to know is Spybot search & destroy the exact same kinda thing as Adware??
    do i need both or just one of them?? and which one is the best?

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    Ta Jamie

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