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Thread: Computers/Technology Assistance Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza-LFC
    All i want to know is Spybot search & destroy the exact same kinda thing as Adware??
    do i need both or just one of them?? and which one is the best?
    Yes they do the same thing but im not sure which one is better at it. If you want to be really safe you can use both as the both can detect things that the other wouldnt.

    Just to confuse you more, personaly i use Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta 1, you can find it here

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    Cheers Jono mate

    Does anyone know of any programs that i could use to convert video files such as WMA and AVI files to mpg???

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    I think Winamp that O Dogg posted above can do that, not sure tho.

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    Cheers i'll give it a try

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    Winamp wouldnt convert the files. Why do you want them converted? Most softeware out there that converts these files are products made by independant companies which are not free.

    Do a search in google and you will see what is out there. I have checked for freeware versions, and cannot find any decent ones.

    As for the Spybot/Ad Aware question - then yes they pretty much do the same thing. Its all about preference really. I have never used the MS one, however have heard its decent also so may be worth giving it a go. Make sure you download updates regularly though. Your Anti Virus/Spyware software is only as good as the last update.

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    also be aware that some of these free programs such as Ad Adware have some limitations on them and so do not offer the same protection as the full version you have to buy . I use the Ad Aware Se Professional Edition at work which showed up a number of things the free version did not . Also be aware that using two different programs doing the same job can cause problems on certain systems , i had this using Spybot and Adaware so removed Spybot and everything was then ok . In my opinion one version is fine as long as you get the updates regularly .

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    I have run Ad Aware and Spybot on the PC At the same time which worked fine for me. They dont run real time, so shouldnt really clash at all. Maybe you were just unlucky Conner ,

    As for Ad Aware - it is the same with most of the free downloads listed above. To keep your PC free of spyware, Ad Aware free edition will pretty much work. When you pay for the software, you just get additional tools, where are not really required. Same goes for Zone Alarm and Zone Alarm Pro. Personally if your just after some protection, Zone Alarm will be sufficient. If you want all the little gizmos with it, then you will need to pay for the pro edition - and same goes for AVG.

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    yeah i guess so , i actually went out and bought the lastest Mcafee Internet Security Suite which was only 24.99 in PC World , does everything , Firewall , Virus , Privacy , Pop up blocker and 12 months of updates which are downloaded automatically in the background , its very good and the best out there in my opinion . I do have a seperate spyware program though as well to be absolutely safe .

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    I detest McAfee!!
    That would never ever ever go near my PC ever!! lol
    I think its each to their own though. Some people swear by it.

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    really . I have never had a problem with it but as you say everyone is different . I did start off with Norton but that totally screwed up my system and slowed it down no end . It was also hard to uninstall and left traces on my pc which took a while to completly get rid of .

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