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Thread: Computers/Technology Assistance Thread.

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    I also dont like Norton ,
    Probably dislike that more than McAfee

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    I dont trust Norton, their stuff screwed my system and took down my broadband internet for a week till, like conner, i finally got rid of all of it.

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    We use Norton and haven't had any problems at all with it....maybe u lot r just unlucky with it

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    Or maybe you are just lucky ,

    Norton is a commercialised piece of junk if you ask me. lol

    But as I said before - each to their own.
    They all do the same job really, just some better than others.

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    yeah , it seems some people swear by it while others swear at it .

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    Conner - did you fix that PC?

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    not yet it seems , i checked everything and nothing seems loose or out of place . The pc without the memory in beeps 3 times when powered up and continues like this . I have ordered some new memory which i should get today and will try that tonight . I also wondered whether there might be a fault with the power supply but then it would not power up i suppose .

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    What has been added to the PC altogether?
    What Watt power supply do you have?

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    since new about a year ago , only a new 128mb agp graphics card . The slot is not a true AGP though , it will only accept certain cards , AS Rock motherboard . The power supply is probably 350 watts or near which do you think is too low , my Alienware pc has a 480 watt power supply .

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    I would be looking at a minimum of 400 Watts to be honest....

    Try this new Ram when it come and see if it works. Either that or put the Stick of ram you have there into your PC and see if it recognises it.

    That is what I would be doing in your position.

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