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Thread: United vs West Brom

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    United vs West Brom

    I dont usually bother going to League Cup games (dont think I've been since the days of the Coca Cola cup) but I found out yesterday there were still tickets available, so with my membership, I managed to get good seats for just 17. Should be a great game to go to, with all of the European 68 Cup winning team there, as well as them handing out free GB posters to hold up in the minutes silence (I think this is one of the few games where a minutes silence will be observed properly)

    Fergie has said he's taking the cup seriously... but then says Howard will be in goal, Rossi is starting (great player with a great future, but still) and that Pique is likely to start. Now, United have always been good at bringing through their youth team, but if he was taking the cup seriously, he'd start his strongest team. He'd never play that selection against West Brom in the Premiership.

    I'm going for a United win, and I hope Rossi gets a goal, just so the Sun can hail him "The New George Best" in the papers tomorrow

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    Well United should win this one, but it isnt a given. West Brom can really play when their midfield get going and Gera, Greening etc start making opportunities for the frontmen.

    You used to be able to tell if Fergie was taking a game seriously by seeing if he played Keane, but now i think you will be able to tell by whether he plays the two R's up front.

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    United have done well in the last few years in the Carling Cup, even when we do play young players. We usually play the youngsters until the later rounds then play a strong team.
    Good to see Rossi start, he has a great future, hes got 2 goals for the first team this season and has something like 15 goals in 12 starts for the reserves this season and he was top scorer last season. This week fergie said he was the best finisher hes seen since Paul Scholes so it looks like he has a great future

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    Good news, i wish i could see the game to watch him play!

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