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    Quote Originally Posted by conner99
    i still have not seen a single episode of this .....yes its true ...
    I think you'd enjoy it Conner....Its a quality drama.

    So has anyone been watching the current series?

    Do you think its as good as the previous ones or even better?

    Will Jack Bauer be able to save the day and stop these Arabs from blowing up New York with a Nuclear bomb?

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    Its all been kicking off in 24 recently.

    In last weeks episode CTU was destroyed by a bomb!

    Have no idea who might have been killed or survived.

    This group of Arab dissidents who are opposed to their
    president signing a peace treaty with The USA are now
    threatening to let off a nuclear bomb in New York unless he backs down.

    Its down to Jack Bauer now to see if he can track them down and save the day.

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    This last series of 24 has been really great!

    It turns out The Russians were behind President Hassan being murdered and all the other things goings on.

    They also had a spy working inside CTU called Dana Walsh who was eventually found out who Jack Bauer just shot dead!

    Its all climaxing into an explosive ending!

    Our hero is now on the run for defying The president of The USA and wanting to expose The Russians.

    If he tells the world what has been happening the peace treaty will be over and there could be war in The Middle East.

    Our Jack now has The Russians after him as well as his own people!

    I can't believe I'm the only one who has been watching this every week and you guys don't know what you've missed!

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    24 came to an end on Sunday night.

    It was a great finale and much better than lost.

    Our hero Jack Bauer was persuaded not to shoot dead
    The Russian president who was ultimately responsible for the death of his friend Renne Walker.

    The peace treaty never got signed as The Russians were responsible for President Hassan's murder.

    The USA President Taylor saved Jack Bauer from being killed at the end and resigned from her job.

    Now our hero Jack is on the run from both The Yanks and Russians and has to flee the country.

    What a great series and show this was and I'll miss it.

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    i can't wait for the 24 movie. so sad the 24 tv series is ending.

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    Re: 24

    Jack Bauer is back!

    A new series of 24 starts on 7th May and will kick off in London!

    Are any of you looking forward to its return?

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    Re: 24

    Did any of you lot manage to watch the start of new series of 24?
    I really enjoyed it plus it was also set in London too!

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    Re: 24

    Just started watching the first series downloaded from the Sky box sets feature. Im getting into it now - 10 years late maybe!

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