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Thread: Member of the month

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    Member of the month

    We are introducing a new feature to the website called Member of the Month. Each month the staff at will be nominating a member who they beleive has contributed the most to the site, and deserves some recognition for their part in the sites success. Members will be chosen for quality of content in posts, adhering to rules, joining in the many topics available on the site, and being active through the month.

    The Mod team has agreed that Yeekiat has been named member of the month for January! Well done mate, you definatley deserve it!

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    Yea congrats yeekiat, you really stood out this month. Well done.

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    Wow. Thanks guys and gals. I feel honoured and appreciated. I will post as often as possible. See you guys around!

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    Well Done Mate.

    Amazing triumph!

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    Remember Yeek, it isnt just the amount of posts, it was the quality of your posts which were the deciding factor.

    I would like for all new members joining the site to follow in your footsteps. Your a credit to the site

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    agreed with all

    Fully deserved mate

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    well done mate,you deserve it,i havent done much posting but i've been viewing the forum any time i can,which is why you normally see me post a lot in about 3 days,then dissapear for a few days and then pot a lot again etc,anyway his posts have been quality too

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    Thanks again guys. Will maintain the quality of the posts. Really enjoyed talking football with you all.

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    Well done mate, I also have enjoyed your posts since you got here.

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    You are worthy of the award, well done!

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