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Thread: Member of the month

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeekiat
    Thanks cjnelson, smurf and conner!

    Quote Originally Posted by Moravcik
    I lived out in Singapore for 6 years in total, the first time was for 4 years and the second was for 2!

    Loved it, i will be going back over the summer!

    The heat didn't bother me man, it was worth seeing F1!
    I see. You worked here?

    We might even bump into each another in Singapore, knowing how small it is. I'm actually going back there on Thursday - 16 Feb.
    No my dad worked there, i went to school (United World College)!

    I know what you mean, anytime i go back i always see people!

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    well done yeekiat!
    being a chinese, i'm really proud of you!
    it's not easy, really.

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    Thanks amy! Well I'm a pretty useless guy when it comes to Chinese to be honest. Took the subject in Primary school, kept failing and dropped it (In Malaysia, you can do that). I still speak the language (pretty well) but I can't really read or write.

    I will try and pick it up sometime before I turn into a complete banana! (Yellow by skin colour, White on the inside)

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    oh right, sorry i forgot it!!
    do you guys use Chinese often in Malaysia?
    anyways, great to have someone comes from the same area as me.

    Andyeagle, i'm curious about what made you laugh...

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    Lol Woopsies Andy's in troOoOouble.

    Well done Yeekiat ya big hunk! You go girlfriend!

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    Sorry, I wasn't around to congratulate you earlier ,

    Well done Yeekiat! ,

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    Well Done Yeekiat

    You totally deserve it !

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    Thanks Forever, Caz and Agent Smith. And there's no need to apologize Agent Smith!

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    Well another month into the year and its time to award another member of the forum as Member of the month, Yeekiat was member of the month for Jan and now its time to name Feb's member.

    Ok it was a very hard month this month as there were a few of you to choose from but all the mods and Admins have decided that this months member award goes to


    Well done mate, we have enjoyed your posts all month, hope you will stick around!

    We would also like to mention Putrum, J-Axe & Smithy as they were all very close to winning the award aswell, well done guys keep up the good work.


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