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Thread: Manchester United Rumours

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    Manchester United Rumours

    I tried searching but couldn't find one.

    Probably going to be a quiet summer for United this one. The only player we desperately need is a goal scorer (not that we aren't going to win the league and Champions League without one) and potentially a right back because Neville is injured and Brown isn't that good. I guess on top of that there's a chance of a new Goalkeeper to replace Van Der Sar.

    As for players leaving I can't see to many in that department either perhaps Feltcher and even Saha but that would leave us needing two strikers instead of one.

    Realistic Summer Activity

    Karim Benzema - Quick, strong, good in the air. Labelled as the next Zidane but reminds me of Cantona. Lyon would sell but would want a lot of money but considering what we spent last year and how little activity we will carry out this year I could see us dropping 25-30m on this kid. He's scored a lot in Europe (including that cracker against us) and in the French League.

    Klaas Jan Huntelaar - The real successor the Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Not much in terms of pace, solid in the air but he's the kind of player who spends 60% of the game in the opposition penalty area. Has scored bucket loads in Holland in a weaker Ajax team (73 goals in 89 games) and would surely score plenty for us, considering the chances we create. We need someone to play through the middle and lead the line. Huntelaar would be a good choice. Avaliable for between 15-20m I would guess.

    David Villa - I would guess the least likely of the three possiblities but Villa is not without his charm at all. Lightning quick and a good finisher. A little lightweight and weak in the air for us imo. We already have fast players what we need most is a poacher and an aerial threat as a second option, when the passing isn't going so well. Probably cost about 15m.

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    Hopefully we will see Manucho back from loan to Panathanaikos to supplement the strike force.

    I would like to see better cover for the centre half positions as we appear more vulnerable with either Vidic or Rio out of the side.

    Hargreaves seems to be doing ok at RB.

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    Pique should get a bigger role next year I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fakeplastictrees
    Pique should get a bigger role next year I think.
    I'm not a big fan. I don't think he's good enough at this level. He needs to improve a lot and I have the impression that SAF isn't 100% convinced about him.

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    He won't buy a keeper that I'm sure of. Ben Foster will get his chance next year and he's the successor to vds anyway.

    A striker and defender I think are all we need really.

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    There's no way you will get Benzema this summer. Lyon aren't prepared to sell, and he isn't prepared to leave. Not a hope in hell of anyone signing him just yet.

    I can't see you signing Villa either. I don't think he would be the right player for you, and i don't think he would choose Man Utd if Arsenal, Liverpool or a handful of other teams came knocking.

    I can see you signing Huntelaar though. Unfortunately. I want him!

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    Benzema recently signed a new deal with Lyon, don't see him being sold this summer.

    Villa has stated he wants to play for Arsenal or Liverpool. There is also word that Real Madrid have prepared to offer 30 million + Julio Baptista for him. There is also word now that Barcelona might enter the chase for him.

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    Huntelaar is who I most want anyway so it's all good.

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    Oh and has Benzema really been compared to Zidane? He's nothing like Zidane. He's a striker, Zidane is a midfielder. Benzema is more like Ronaldo (the real Ronaldo).

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    Villa - Already stated he wants to play for Arsenal or Liverpool and if they dump him, he'll play for Madrid

    Benzema - Will stay in Ligue 1 for one more season

    Huntelaar - I don't think he'll go to United as they already have lots of attackers and there wouldn't be place for an inexperienced player like him

    How about Maldini like the Larsson loan deal?

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