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Thread: What book are you reading?

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    Re: What book are you reading?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hams
    I saw this on Yahoo today Steely and thought would post the link for you.
    50 Books you should have read.
    I've read 19 of those listed ,which could be deemed a low percentage of those collated.
    I'm annoyed now ,and slightly embarrassed that I'm not as well read as I first thought.

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    Re: What book are you reading?

    Sam Allardyce's Autobiography. I can recommend it. A good read.

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    Re: What book are you reading?

    Reading Dan Wells 'I am not a serial killer' basically, its premise is that of a teenager
    who fundamentally lives his life by a bizarre set of rules that deter him from leaving
    a trail of homicides.

    “When a clown kills somebody, that's new—that's something you've never seen before.
    Here's someone you thought was good, and he's doing something so terrible that normal
    human emotion can't even deal with it—and then he turns around and does something
    good again. That's fascinating. It's not weird to be obsessed with that, it's weird not to be.”

    Dan Wells

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    The Game of Thrones i dont know after watching the series been hook up to this one lately

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    Reading 'Project Fear' about the Scottish Independence referendum. Its written by the partner of someone who worked on the Better Together team so its from the Labour Unionist viewpoint and has little information on the Yes campaign but still a good read.

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    Currently, i am engaged in reading 11 minutes novel. I hope most of you guys have read it. Those who haven't i'd suggest them to read it up.

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    Just finished Michael Parkinson's 'Muhammad Ali - A Memoir', which recounts the four meetings he had with the great man on his TV show. There's nothing really new in there but if you were enthralled by Ali then it's a decent read. I've just bought Mr Mercedes, a novel from the Stephen King scary as shite stable..

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