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Thread: Kohler sacked by Duisburg

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    Kohler sacked by Duisburg

    Duisburg have sacked former Germany World Cup star Jurgen Kohler as manager.

    MSV are second from bottom in Die Bundesliga and the 1-1 draw at Wolfsburg over the weekend has turned out to be Kohler's final game in charge.

    With only six games remaining in the domestic season, the timing of the decision may be criticised but the Duisburg officials obviously feel a change is required to avoid relegation.

    Kohler, who was a resilient defender during his playing career, only took over in December when replacing Norbert Meier.

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    My thinking is that Kohler may feel like he's just gotten out of jail......

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    Only three months in and he get's the chop!!! I don't see the point in sacking him now, they are going to get relegated anyways.

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