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Thread: Comings/Goings

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    Post here if you will be away for a while and when you come back.

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    I will be away till late this afternoon as I have to get back to England on the plane. Cya!

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    Good man!!! Get back to your native country and have a nice journey back!!!! See yah soon ,

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    I havent really been here over the past few days, ive been very busy. Ill be back regularly in a few days.

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    The only reason he did it is because he was openeing a new thread!!! He can then make a new one of he wants so be quiet!

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    On Friday I will be away on a football tour to Brean Sands so from 3.00 o'clock Friday I will not be able to come online. Depending on how far we progress I dont know how long well be away for, I woul dimagine we will make the final as we are the best team in Cardiff (won the league anc cup). So if we do make it to the final I will return some time on Monday not to sure. So we will be playing the English teams to prove we are the best :P. Well here is a picture of me with my two personol trophies (winners trophies) and with the league cup and the cup cup :P beside me left of me, youll see it on the right though these were taken in the City Hall.

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    I am back after French Exchange but with exams near won't be posting much.

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    i havent been on here for a week because my computer wouldnt work. All fixed up now.

    (i couldnt tell anyone i would be gone)

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