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Thread: Comings/Goings

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    Welcome back like!

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    Liverpool Rules !

    Hi, i'm fun of Liverpool !

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    hi quit2014, i think you need the newcomers topic to introduce yourself . This is the coming/going section

    welcome though to the site

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    hi everyone , may not be on much friday or the weekend as some idiot has hit me up the rear and will be trying to sort it out .

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    ouch! i'd hate to get hit up the rear end

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    LOL , yeah luckily it wasnt too hard .

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    Hope everything is ok mate, and no injuries.
    Thanks for the PM also, no worries - it was expected ,

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    thanks O Dogg , back sooner than i expected . Looks like the guy will pay for all the damage , good news there .

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    I'll just say this early, I'll be offline next weekend, 6-7th Aug, going to Cardiff!
    Mrs Twmcat is going to see her first EVER footie game - and it's going to be at the
    Millennium! Not bad for your first game!

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    Have a great time Twmcat, and make sure your Mrs enjoys herself. I am going to have to try this on Soon to be Mrs Dogg.....
    Maybe it is the only chance of getting her into football.

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