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Thread: Comings/Goings

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    I don't know what I've being doing, but this my 3rd attempt at replying with this post without it getting on.

    Thanks Mr D, hope Soon to be Mrs D enjoys it when you get her to watch a game.
    I had a mate who had no interest whatsoever in footie. He became a primary school teacher in Liverpool.
    The kids said he should watch a match, so, although he'd never come to any game with us,
    he went to Anfield to keep them happy.
    He's now a Liverpool season ticket holder (so be careful where you take Soon to be Mrs D ).

    Just a thought, take her to see Arsenal, she might become a fan, and you can get her to post here
    - we need more supporters

    Just found that one of my replies was in fact posted, so have deleted it

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    I haven't posted over the weekend because i have'nt got near my computer, sorry guys

    I won't even begin to tell you wot i got up at the weekend because there's young children on the site i'll leave to your imagination

    but anyways i'm back

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    I'm off on a camping trip from saturday morning till Monday or Tuesday so i will be offline till then

    Cheers Now

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    Hope you have a good time.

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    I'M BACK!!!

    feeling a tad rough

    Gettin a wash and sleep then playing football so i won't be on much 2day

    I also have a week of work which is nice so i will be present all day, all week as from 2moro

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    Im going away for about 4 days and wont be able to come on, and then ill be back for a few days and then im going away for a wek so ill see you when i get back!!!

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    Im back at last. My computer crashed a few weeks ago but we had visitors so we were to busy to get it fixed. Next week we went to Westpost in Mayo for the week. So when we got back my mates brother died so again it was delayed. Last week we tried to get an engineer but couldnt so we took the computer back to the shop. Got it back yesterday and so far its fine. So im back... did I miss anything?

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    Hi Mate - Welcome back to you!

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    yes Con , a few goals , some sending offs, some dead lucky teams and a load of laughs . But still plenty more to come i hope .

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