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    Blackpool and over the top match price's for away fan's

    As most traveling championship fans know blackpool fc has a very delapidated temp stand for away supporters with no real catering or toilet facilities but it was there first season so 17 quid was not so bad , however this season the price is 30 quid for away supporters to sit in the same non-league condition's and that is more than home supporters are being asked to pay to sit in there new stand's . Just how are the powers that be allowing this football club to rip away fans off in this way ?.

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    I've never actually made the trip to Blackpool watching Reading, i might make it this year though. I doubt it though at that price, I can understand paying that in the Premier League because unfortunately that's what it is like in that League, i now have two years of experience of it, but for a struggling mid table at best side such as Blackpool? Thirty quid is really obscene. Its just the sorry state football finds itself in these days, pricing the real fans out of the game.

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    a disgrace for a ground that isnt even worthy of league football i wont be going this season last season in the Gene Kelly stand was enough for me

    The place is a bloody dump.

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