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Thread: Your contributions needed

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    Your contributions needed

    Hi all,

    I have been trialling a new idea recently by asking some of the Moderators to create topics in a new style so that we can utilise the topics on the front page of The reason for this is to get new members who regularly read the homepage, to want to get involved in the discussions you guys have created.

    We have some fantastic members here, many of which write very well, and are keen to be involved in the growth of I am hoping to utilise your talents to help the forum grow, and to encourage a more intellectual forum. Those of you who enjoy intelligent discussion, interesting topics to debate etc will hopefully want to get involved.

    First take a look at the features part of the website here

    Read the way the features are worded. It is important when creating a football related topic, that you do not give any opinion in the original post. Create the post in a way to create debate...

    For example:

    This is what most people are doing at the moment

    Is Tevez worth 35m?

    I think Manchester United would be mad to spend all that money on Tevez, when there are better players out there for the money.

    What do you guys think??
    This is what I would like instead:

    Is Tevez worth 35m?

    Manchester United are looking to break the British transfer record by securing the signature of Argentinian striker Carlos Tevez. Tevez has already become a fan favourite at Old Trafford, and is eager to remain at Manchester United.

    Do you think it is vital for United to secure Tevez at Old Trafford? Is he worth 35m? Or would the money be better spent elsewhere?

    Have your say
    This can then be added to the main website to try and encourage new members to sign up and take part in the discussion. It also encourages members to think about what they are writing, hopefully improving the quality of posts and topics across the forum.

    I am sure this is something we all want.

    Anyone who is interested in this, please let me know via this topic.

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    I agree 100%. It is much better for the topic creator to leave the argument open and encourage someone to add their view. As you have said, this will improve the debate in the topic. Whenever i make a thread i always try to do this and then i will add my view the debate is underway. I believe it can sometimes make the thread a non-starter if their is already a strong opinion set. It is definitely the way forward to (continue to) improve the quality on the forum.

    I was on the home page before (when the actual forum wasn't working) and i was impressed with the set out and i think it does help attract new members. It shows them the type of discussions that take place and they were all the good ones, which helps.

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    alright guv aint easy doin a topic ya know ...trying to fink sumthin intelligent to put down , us commoners ave trouble with big words an all that .

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    LOL! Our handsome and bald forum admin

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    dont turn this into a gay thread now ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learning
    LOL! Our handsome and bald forum admin
    lol why thank you very much!

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    Good plan - but is this for every single topic? Even in like General Discussion?

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    This was posted in 2008.

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