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Thread: Your contributions needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Kroenke's moustache
    This was posted in 2008.
    Wow. Now theres one for the books. I feel a bit embarassed now

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    Seeing as this has been brought back up,can i ask what happened to the boxing forum idea Dogg?

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    Boxing site is up and live -

    No forum has been added to it as of yet.

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    Ah cool,i'll be interested if a forum is ever made

    cheers mate

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    we have a lacrosse site too ....

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    I'll leave that one for you,Conner lol

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    cani change my username by any chance

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    I'll be Terry Tibbs if he can lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Nufc

    Brian Badonde!
    bo i have bourettes

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