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Thread: Steely Hill - Get In Touch

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    Steely Hill - Get In Touch

    Steely, I need to get in touch with you ASAP!
    Anyone who has his number, can you pm me

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    I feel another TV appearance looming :P

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    lol, If he gets in touch there will be!!
    I don't have a number

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    i doubt he'll be online this evening. tomorrow is prob your best bet. whens your deadline doggy?

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    Jono has his number i think... and probably Rachel Robin van Persie. Go into any toilets in the London area and you will find it on the walls.

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    Anyone in the London Area who thinks they will be able to make an interview? Would have to be very confident, and capable of holding their own on camera...

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    Isn't Benraul from there? He could be a good one.

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    Ain't Ben in Brighton?

    KimKallstrom is the only geezer i can think of in London on here apart from Steel.

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