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Thread: Steely Hill - Get In Touch

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    Oh my mistake.

    Sticky T

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    I live in East London near Steely but I'm not confident enough to appear on TV I'm afraid

    I would be happy to meet anybody next time if they want some company and fancy a beer after....

    vv Sorry I dont know where he lives or have his phone number....we have never spoken on here.

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    Do you know where Steely lives? If so you could give him a buzz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tez Arne
    Jono has his number i think... and probably Rachel Robin van Persie. Go into any toilets in the London area and you will find it on the walls.
    i most certainly do not Mr Tez!

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    lmfao - that the disabled toilets Tez??

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    Theres someone on right now from I take it you missed the deadline then?

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    What was the interview about

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    A new Respect programme the FA are setting out, respect to referees mainly..

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    Sky News..

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