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Thread: Steely Hill - Get In Touch

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    Maybe we could have a couple of guys in reserve who live in London near
    sky's studio if this happens again although to be fair to steely it was very short notice...

    What do you think O Dogg?

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    I think Floody was right and that Steely is a selfish basard ,

    It would indeed be a good idea to have people in reserve, but it would need to be people who are in or around the London area. Usually I will get a shout at around 3pm for someone to get to an interview for approx 7-8pm.

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    i`d rather call her ......

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    lmfao - issues mate!
    No worries Lee - got your new number now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill

    is that you abusing your admin abilities again conner!!?
    what mean like logging in as someone else . No , i would never abuse my admin status like that ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conaldinho
    A new Respect programme the FA are setting out, respect to referees mainly..
    so mr Steely Hill ....what are your views on the above ...what would you have said .

    No swearing please ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steely Hill
    just that they would have had to earn the respect. you cant campaign for it or buy it. it has to be earned. the decisions and mistakes they make do not earn or deserve respect.

    then i would have waffled off a bit and signed off with a trademark "pleasure"
    would you have stuck with the occasional spin on the chair?

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    i found it quite endearing!

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