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Thread: Steely Hill - Get In Touch

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    I don't mind Asians, they would be fine. However you would fall under the category of the lazy, dept ridden, rowdey, smelly Students who like to steal traffic cones for their bedrooms. Unfortunately, we cannot allow that either ,

    Party at Marty's house

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    For your information, Mr. D, we steal traffic signs. Not cones ,.

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    Quote Originally Posted by O Dogg
    Your also Ginger - we cannot have a ginger person reprisenting the site unfortunately ,
    Careful. G Man might see that and call you racist!

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    He could even leave the Forum!

    lets hope he reads it then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hams
    I live in East London near Steely but I'm not confident enough to appear on TV I'm afraid

    I would be happy to meet anybody next time if they want some company and fancy a beer after....

    vv Sorry I dont know where he lives or have his phone number....we have never spoken on here.
    i now know Hams probably meant only those with big breasts ..

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    Yeah He's not confident enough to appear on TV but He's got too much confidence for all the ladies in the world
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