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Thread: The best country/city you've ever been to?

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    The best country/city you've ever been to?

    LONDON ,Singapore and USA best best best country UK AFTER MA COUNTRY LOL jk

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    Never rated Singapore that highly personally.

    I certainly hope Singapore isn't anywhere near the best otherwise other places must be really tough to live in.

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    since when was London a country?

    anywho, my favourite is the good old US of A

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    Australia by a mile, well its only up against portugal, spain and cyprus lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geordie JJ
    America ,
    great minds Jack ,

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    Well the only countries ive been to apart from ones in Britain are France, Andorra, Menorca and a few of the canary islands. I'd love to go to the States but im too poor.

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    Only places ive been are all of Britain, as well as Spain & Malta.

    None I would say I particularly loved, Malaga in Spain was was Malta.

    I dont really have a favourite between them!

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    Didnt we had a topic like this already? but then about the best holidays or something (pretty much the same)

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    Yea, ah well lol.

    Never been out of Europe, but from the places i've been to I'd say Portugal definately.

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